The Cardinal and his memory

Cardinal Pell said he was glad the questioning from the Royal Commission was over “as it had been a hard slog”! Oh and let’s not forget his classic excuse for why Pell didn’t act against a criminal paedophile priest. It was because the Child didn’t ask Pell to report it to the Victorian Police at the time. I mean what an appalling excuse from one of the highest ranking Catholic Priests/Bishop at the time. Pell has blamed his former predecessors, such as Arch Bishop Little (A good and decent man) and others who are either now dead, have dementia or are dying of cancer. He has blamed everybody else except himself, but has taken all the ‘Glory’ for improving the reporting of child abuse, but he didn’t do enough.

Pell’s so-called ‘Melbourne Response’ to child abuse by paedophile priests and Christian brothers was to minimize costs and responsibility as much as possible to the Catholic Church. Make no mistake, the only reason Pell was promoted and offered the finance post in the Vatican was because of the money he saved the Church in compensation payments to victims; which in manner cases was totally inadequate and inconsistent in payment rates to victims.

Pell’s promotion is built on the suffering of children abused by criminal paedophile priests. It wouldn’t be too far to claim Pell’s career has been built on the bones of victims of the Catholic Church!

Pell can blame his former predecessors and claim he didn’t know or wasn’t present at the meetings when the crimes of paedophile Priests were discussed as much as possible. But the simple fact is, he was the highest ranking official of the Catholic Church and should have reported the crimes, or at least put in place correct policies and procedures for dealing with criminal behaviour.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse at all!

As for the victims who sat in the hotel room and in the hall in Ballarat, it would have been hell for them having to endure four days of Pell’s obfuscation, denial and Sargent Schultz like statements of “I know nothing…Nothing!”  And then of course is his infamous statement when asked about paedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale, said his crimes were of “not of much interest” to him at the time. Very comforting words to the victims. Not!

Pell may or may not eventually be held to account before a criminal court for the evidence that he has given to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. But, the court of public opinion has already marked the man down as being more concerned for his career then for the suffering of the victims of the Catholic Church.

Cardinal Pell
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