Stuck on the Stairs.

Stuck on the Stairs.

last night as I attempted to enter into the house I became stuck, yes stuck because I couldn’t get up the three stairs into the house. Now, this doesn’t happen that often, but when it does I become very annoyed, angry and pissed off that I’m unable to walk up, or get up a few lossy steps into my home! To say it annoys me is an understatement. All I can say is thank God I’m not in a wheel-chair, but some days, such as yesterday (Thursday 16-06) I think that I am because I’m unable to get up a few stairs into my home. Thank God my wife Amy was able to assist me up the stairs or else I might still be stuck out there in the freezing cold.

Now my problem of getting stuck on the stairs, or the base of the stairs, occurred on the same day I went for a surgical review in relation to the right hip with the Orthopaedic surgeon. After numerous X-rays, CT Scans, cortisone injections and anti-inflammation medications the surgeon came to the conclusion there was very little that could be done for the right hip and thus the pain in the hip. It could be replaced, but once again not sure of the outcome as there is very little evidence that the hip joint has deteriorated to the point that it requires replacement. But that possible could change within the next couple of years. Who knows? Anyway I have to have another MRI of the back and perhaps tests of the nerves to work out what is triggering the pain episodes.

Oh and for our Federal Speaker, Bishop, it looks like she might have to answer for her hiring of a chopper to the federal coppers. Just as Peter Slipper had to last year for misuse of Taxi Vouchers, whilst he went out for a piss-up at some Canberra vineyards for a day. Despite offering to repay the debt several times he was prosecuted and lost his seat in the 2013 election. Now, will our Bronwyn Bishop be forced to endure the same embarrassing fiasco as the last speaker had to endure? Or will Abbott – who claimed to be the love child of Bronwyn Bishop and former Prime Minister John Howard – step in and attempt to save her conservative skin? Either way if she stays on as speaker she will remind one-and-all and the public of her rorting of the public-purse, like a weeping puss filled wound, and thus her incompetence to remain in the Speakers Chair. This will be a bonus for federal Labor and Bill Shorten. Or she could do the correct thing and resign, which will also be a bonus again to the federal Labor and Bill Shorten. Putting the pressure back onto Tony Abbott and his government, which is already on the nose with voters and this latest fiasco, will only add to the impression of a government and a speaker out of touch with ordinary people.


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