Feeding the Magpies

Feeding Magpies.

Dear Comrades in arms, well after a wonderful day out at Healesville Sanctuary in pleasant sunshine with the family enjoying all the Australian animals, I even managed to pat a Kangaroo who was lying enjoying the warm winter sunshine.

We then took in the sights of the amazing ‘Spirits of the Sky’ show and watched in awe Australia’s majestic birds of prey; Wedged Tailed Eagles and hawks and beautiful parrots put on a spectacular show. It’s the second time I’ve watched the show and am amazed to watch the birds go through their display. Half way through the show a wild Wedged Tailed Eagle showed up, which made the parrots panic as they didn’t want to end up as lunch. When the eagle came out it had to defend its self from the wild eagle, which made the show even more amazing to watch as I’ve never seen an eagle having to defend its patch.

So we all had a good family day out.

But like all good stories they must come to an end and my came to a crashing end this morning.  I went out to feed my friendly Magpies who will come up to the front door and sing for their food, so to speak. So I took my daughter, Siobhan out to feed them, which she enjoyed doing. The birds will take food right out of your hand.  As we were coming back inside, boom it hit me. (No not the birds) I was doubled up in agony clutching at my left groin and hip unable to move due to the debilitating nerve pain, which is referred from damaged discs in my back. So out comes the Endone, despite having a Taragin an hour earlier, heat packs and back to bed for the next hour or so. Spent most of the day stoned on those lovely Morphine based tablets. Might have to take a valium soon for the night to ensure I don’t wake up in the middle of the night in agony, talking of is what I’m in right now. So enough of that. If you haven’t been to Healesville do youse selves a favour and get up there with your family as the kids will love it.

Now in other news:

Did you know that Trade Unions donate money to the Australian Labor Party?

Yes, that extremely interesting fact was revelled today into the (Abbotts) Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption. Which will cost Australian tax payers $106 million over two years, or if Abbott is going really bad in the polls will drag it out for another 12 months. Now despite Shorten admitting to receiving a $40,000 donation from a labour hire firm for his federal campaign. So what? It would make good sense to donate to the possible next prime minister of Australia’s campaign. But despite this there is no smoking gun against him. But more will be revealed late.

Meanwhile in North Korea:

Now to North Korea, you know that place just north of the DMZ that divides South Korea (The really, really good guys) from North Korea (The really, really bad guys) or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

The DPRK’s (North Korea) leader Kim Jong Un ordered the execution of a manager at a turtle farm, which made headlines in May, after Kim expressed his displeasure regarding its operation.

South Korean news reported Kim might have executed the farm manager for not supplying sufficient water to aquarium tanks.

Kim ordered the execution of the manager after providing field guidance at the Taedonggang terrapin farm.

“Food and water for the turtles were not being supplied sufficiently, that was the reason for execution by gun,” the source said.

South Korean news outlet Newsis reported North Korea’s charges of incompetence ignored the real reason for the supply issues.

Power outages were common at the farm, said the source, and the farm was not provided with adequate amounts of food for the turtles.

Kim Jong Un had ordered the execution to make an example of the manager – and to reinforce North Korea’s politics of fear, according to South Korea press.

Read the full story here, which includes a free photo of our – oops I mean- the DPRK’s Great Leader Kim Jong Un:



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