Dawn of the Dawn

Now to that Great Australian Sporting Icon and Olympic hero from the late 1950’s and 60’s Dawn Fraser, who has once again opened up her big opinionated mouth and dumped a rancid bucket of racist crap on poor ole Nick Kyrgios, who wasn’t going so well in the Tennis in Wimbledon. Yes Kyrgios admitted to being a bit of a brat at the tennis and even threw a tennis racquet that I think landed in the crowd. But being a brat and questioning his behaviour and performance at one of the premier tennis championships in the world is one thing, and she has every right in the world to question his performance and behaviour. But to question his “race” and suggest if he wanted to be Australian “then maybe they should go back to the country where their parents come from”.

Nice one Dawn! Not what we would expect from an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO), but she said it. Of course she attempted to defend herself claiming that she wasn’t racist and pointed to her work in the Indigenous community and has worked closely with the remote community of Hermannsburg, near Alice Springs. Ok, good for her. But she really meant to say was she at least she didn’t call a Kyrgios “a wog, so I don’t see why everyone is so upset.”

But you see Dawn I have a slight problem with when you tell Australian Citizens to go back to the country they came from. You see that would only mean for Nick Kyrgios to return to well…Australia! So you have a real problem with your stupid comments Dawn. Now if you said that to my children were would they be expected to return too? Don’t forget their mother is from Malaysia, but she’s also a Chinese Malay, who also is a Citizen of Australia. So Dawn if she has to leave this country that we share called Australia, does she go back to Malaysia, who won’t accept her back because she gave up her Malaysian Citizenship. Or should she try for Singapore? Oh but wait she has our two children as well. Or do they stay with me, or go back to Malaysia…oh no, I mean Singapore? Hang on she can’t go back there either. Oh, it’s all very confusing really isn’t it? So Dawn I can see how you could become so confused and disorientated to you. I mean all that chlorine must have finally got to you? That’s why I recommend sticking to saltwater swimming as the weather is just fine up there in the Gold Coast. So as soon as possible take to the sea and swim out as far as you can and keep swimming and don’t come back until you get all that racist crap out from between your ears.


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